Sunday, 22 May 2011

Had to share this video with ya'll...

I was on Youtube yesterday going through the latest videos of the channels I'm subscribed to, and I clicked on one of my faves, 'Borderhammer' by Rachelle. Rachelle does great videos on hair, makeup, fashion and beauty and I absolutely love her channel!! Her personality is so infectious and you can't help but smile and feel joy when you watch her (and those dimples of hers...) I literally feel like shes a friend (in my, and everytime I watch one of her videos, I'm catching up with her!!
So anyway, the particular video I clicked on yesterday was titled "How to Wear Large Earrings w No Pulling!" She had mentioned this in a previous video, and asked her subbies to let her know if they were interested in her doing a video about it and obviously she got alot of positive feedback, because she did it!
Now as I was watching the video, I thought to myself what a brilliant idea!! Especially for those of us who love our earrings big!! The idea was so simple, yet so clever and effective!! And like the comments that followed the video, I agree that she definately needs to patent the idea, so no one else can claim it as theirs and make money off it!! So thanks for the tip Rachelle, and keep those videos coming because I certainly look forward to watching them!!

To check out the video for yourself go to: and to subscribe to her channel click this link:

Tuesday, 17 May 2011

The highlight of my weekend...

This past weekend, I watched and  listened to my Primary Choir perform "Ade a Yesu Ay3 Ama Me" (What Jesus Has Done for Me) at our schools 45th Year Reunion Weekend.

As I sat playing the piano while they sang, I was filled with so much joy and pride, because it had only taken two rehearsals for my them to learn the song...and they had it down pat by the third!!! Also, this was their first time being exposed to twi, yet they sang as if it was their native language and they had grown up singing this song in Ghana. This showed confidence way beyond their years!!

Everyone who heard them sing received such a blessing! Especially my parents, who travelled an hour and a half just to witness it... they were truly impressed!

I thank God for the opportunity to be a positive influence on young people and that I can bring awareness to my students about other cultures (such as my own), that they can pass on and share with others.

So well done again to the Brisbane Adventist College Primary Choir for such an amazing job and executing the words of this song so brilliantly!!

Check out the video :-)

Friday, 6 May 2011

Love of the week...bright neon yellow nails!!

With Monday being Labour Day holiday this week, I decided to take some time out and give myself a manicure.  My colour of choice...bright neon yellow!! And I absolutely love it!! It stands out amazingly on brown skin!!

Keep in mind this color screams "look at me" so if you are going to wear it, make sure your nails are on point, because people will come in for a closer look, and will give you loads of, as i discovered this week at school from my students (especially the prep kids), and fellow teachers. Infact nearly all the teachers thought my nails were fake, or I had stick ons... Maybe because I have been growing out my nails and they have reached a nice/fake length...? lol, so they must have looked too good to be true :-)

Anyway, I purchased this colour a little while ago from ICE! Yes They were having a special, 3 for $6.00, so of course I got 6!! I'm not sure if the promotion is still going, if not, I believe the usual price is $5.95 each. Either way its worth having a look because they have an extensive range of colours!
This yellow in particular though, will make you fall in love with your hands all over again, and definately put a smile on your face, cause theres no way you be mad at this colour :-)

Unfortunately, my camera didn't enhance the color as it really is, but trust me this color is the business!

The polish is called 'Nury' and the colour is 'Neon Yellow'

'Ghana Rising' shouts out 'Makings of Me'!!!

I can't remember exactly what I was doing the other day, but somehow I was on google, my name was in the search bar, and there it was...a site shouting out my blog!!!! And not just any site, but 'Ghana Rising,' a blog I follow regularly and one of my go to blogs for all things Ghanaian!!!
So when I clicked the link and saw that my blog had been featured, I was so excited!!! Simply because I started this blog as a way of expressing my self, my loves and my interests... so to know that others acknowledge what I'm doing and have also gained an interest, is kinda cool :-)

I first came across Ghana Rising in 2009, and immediately fell in love with it, because it kept me informed with all the wonderful Ghanaians doing it big in the world of entertainment, fashion, music, etc.
Not long after that, I received an email from the creator of the blog Paulina Opoku-Gyimah asking to interview me for her blog.  Firstly, the thought of anyone wanting to interview me was so flattering! And, after previously seeing her other interviews featuring other fabulous Ghanaian ladies across the globe, I was totally excited!!! And the piece turned out great!!
Since then, I have continued to follow her blog and have stayed in touch with her. When I started my blog, I inboxed her to inform her, and to let her know that she had definately inspired me in the last couple of years. I also asked for any tips she had for me, of which she gave really good advice!!

So I'd like to say a big thank you to Ghana Rising for the love as I continue on this blogging journey...

Click these links to check out Ghana Rising, my interview and the 'shout out!'