Sunday, 22 May 2011

Had to share this video with ya'll...

I was on Youtube yesterday going through the latest videos of the channels I'm subscribed to, and I clicked on one of my faves, 'Borderhammer' by Rachelle. Rachelle does great videos on hair, makeup, fashion and beauty and I absolutely love her channel!! Her personality is so infectious and you can't help but smile and feel joy when you watch her (and those dimples of hers...) I literally feel like shes a friend (in my, and everytime I watch one of her videos, I'm catching up with her!!
So anyway, the particular video I clicked on yesterday was titled "How to Wear Large Earrings w No Pulling!" She had mentioned this in a previous video, and asked her subbies to let her know if they were interested in her doing a video about it and obviously she got alot of positive feedback, because she did it!
Now as I was watching the video, I thought to myself what a brilliant idea!! Especially for those of us who love our earrings big!! The idea was so simple, yet so clever and effective!! And like the comments that followed the video, I agree that she definately needs to patent the idea, so no one else can claim it as theirs and make money off it!! So thanks for the tip Rachelle, and keep those videos coming because I certainly look forward to watching them!!

To check out the video for yourself go to: and to subscribe to her channel click this link:

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