Monday, 5 November 2012

Duaba Serwa Spring/Summer 2013 Preciosa Collection

 Last week, as I was browsing through facebook, (as I usually do at some point in the day), I came across Duaba Serwa's Spring/Summer 2013 Preciosa Collection!! Now as a young African woman, its exciting to see how today's African designers are incorporating Ankara prints into modern/on trend styles, and I love it!! 
Now I haven't been this excited about Ankara print designs for a while, but let me tell you... this collection right here... took my breath away...!!!!  The use of colors in the image that was displayed, (that led me to click on the album), immediately caught my attention, and with every click, my heart literally started beating faster, because I was so excited about what I was seeing!! The use of Ankara print, along with the structures of the pieces, the silhouettes, and the mixture of textures and patterns was done so beautifully!! The model Nicola Sackey is absolutely gorgeous, and the simplicity of her makeup and hair, allows the designs to shine!! Not to mention her body is perfection!! She is definately selling these pieces, and they we calling my name!!!! 
I was so excited about the collection that I shared it on my facebook page, and my instagram and everyone who saw it was just as excited as me!!  I knew that I was going to own at least one of the pieces!! So, I inboxed the designer on facebook and got details as to where their store was located in Ghana, because that will be my first stop when I arrive there next month!! I will be treating myself to one or two of the fabulous pieces as my birthday gift to myself which will be in January!!
So anyway, let me stop talking and allow you to feast your eyes on this fabulous collection!!!