Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Where Have You Been All My Life ASOS?!?!

I recently was on asos.com just checking out their site (which I had never done before... where have I been?!?!...lol), and came across these 2 lovelies :-) I've been eyeing the clutch for a while now as I've seen it featured on some youtube channels and some of my favourite blogs. I wanted it in the green, but it had sold out :-( But I think in this case settling, for 2nd best wasn't bad at all!! I absolutely love it!! Both bags were 21 pounds which came to a total of about $63.00, which is far cheaper than how much it would cost here in the stores. These bags would easily cost between $50-$70 each here!! (I know, its an absolute joke how much we pay for stuff here in Australia!!!!) So online shopping it is for me from now on!! I'm addicted!! I've been ebaying like crazy and been saving so much money, but getting good quality products!!
Oh, and did I mention the shipping was free too!! And I got it within 5-8 days!! So you can say I'm a pretty satisfied customer :-) Anyway, here are the bags!!

Aren't the colors exquisite!!!

Outfit of the Day: Black and Lace

This is the outfit I wore to church this past weekend. I've had this dress for over 4 years now, but I still love it and everytime I wear it I just feel so girly!!

Here are some pictures I took, and some outside shots my lil brother took for me. (Thanks Kwadwo!)

And here is the outfit of the day video, plus a video on how I achieved some big, voluminous curls, which I rocked to church that morning :-) By the time I took these pictures though, the curls had dropped... but I think it still looked cute. And yes, this is still the Genesis hair!!! I'm in L-O-V-E with this hair!! I've recently ordered 4 bundles of their Malaysian curly to try out and 3 more bundles of their Brazilian, just so I have it on hand whenever I need some more!! I know...I'm addicted!! :-p

 and he also filmed the outside video.

Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Bargain Buys!!

Here are some recently purchased items :-) I absolutely love everything I got!!!

I was indecisive about this bag, but when I saw the inside, that aminal print lining sold me!!

I got the first bag from $50 down to $15 and this one from $60 down to $20!! So two for $35!! Now who wouldn't want that?!?!
I'm loving satchel bags lately!! Love the antique type look of this one!! And it feels so soft...

These 2 belts were $6.95 each :-)
Isn't this the cutest little buckle :-)
Can we say major color blocking outfit coming up?!?! This was only $10!!

These shoes were down from $90 to $20!!! And they fit perfectly!!

Now go and get some bargains of your own!!!!!!! x

Sunday, 2 October 2011

Outfit of the Day: Polka Dots with an Edge

Check out my outfit I wore to church this past weekend. I'm loving the mix of femininity with the tough look of the leather jacket.

And this is the video of what I wore later on in the evening when I stepped out...

Genesis Virgin Hair Brazilian Wavy Updates...

So I'm still rocking the Genesis Virgin Hair and loving it!!! In the last week I have tried some different methods to achieve wavy and curly looks and thought I'd share them with you :-)

Also check out the styling videos for these looks :-) 

Random Mini Haul

Here are a few items I've purchased in the last week...

Also check out the mini haul video including these items :-)