Friday, 23 August 2013

Polka Dots & Leather & Peplum Oh My!

Hey ya'll, 
So this weeks outfit was a combination of polka dots, leather and the peplum trend (which I love so much)!!! I wore this black bandage type midi skirt, with a polka dot peplum top that had leather accents. I bought this top earlier on in the year from Little JC, along with the skirt, but this is actually my first time wearing it. I love this top, because it gives the most amazing waist!! (which i can't complain about) lol 
For my shoes I rocked my silver studded heels which I purchased on sale from Myer years ago, but as with all fashion, its come back again, so it fits right in with some of the current trends.
The day I took these pictures, the weather was absolutely beautiful! The sun was shinning and it gave my skin that flawless, natural glow! <3

Peplum Top - Little JC
Midi Skirt - Little JC
Studded Heels - Siren (from Myer)
Sunglasses - Ebay
Watch - NY & Co
Bracelet - Swarovski
Cuff Bangle - Can't remember...

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Thursday, 15 August 2013

Stripe on Stripe

Hi ya'll,
Hope you are all doing well! I've been home sick for the past few days with the flu :-( Fever...bodyaches...headaches...sore throat...stuffy nose...and it has not been fun at all...

Anyway, just wanted to share my outfit from this last weekend with you. So there was a bit of a stripe on stripe theme going on with this look... I wore my new black and white striped cropped top that I got from ASOS, with my black and white striped midi skirt that I've had in my wardrobe for ages! The red belt actually came with the skirt, so I thought I'd wear it to add a pop of color! For my accessories, i wore my beads from Ghana, and my rose gold NY & Co watch. Now for my shoes, I wore my new black sandals that I got from 
These shoes were very popular on Zara, but I got the cheaper alternative on Go Jane because Zara doesn't ship to Australia. I also rocked my new shades from ASOS and decided to wear the infamous 'Ruby Woo' from MAC on my lips. I'm not the biggest fan of red lipsticks, but for some reason, I feel like bold red lip looks so much better on me, now that I'm rocking my hair short and natural.
Anyway enjoy the pictures!

Crop Top: Asos
Skirt: Sunnygirl
Wrist Beads: Ghana
Watch: NY & Co
Sunglasses: ASOS
On my lips: MAC Ruby Woo

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Monday, 5 August 2013

New Month..New Me...

So finally!!!! I'm caught you all up to date with the outfit posts you missed while I was away from my blog!!! And I know there has been alot of pictures in the previous posts, but i hope you enjoyed them!

So its a new month and I've got a new look!! Those of you who follow me on instagram will have seen that I big chopped my hair last week!! After 20+ years of being relaxed, i experienced my natural hair texture for the first time and I am absolutely loving it!!! I have received nothing but compliments  with this new short look and I feel so free, liberated and like a new woman!! I will be uploading a video this week on my youtube channel showing the whole experience when I cut, so definitely stay tuned for that!!! 

Now on to the outfit...I wore a black crop top from ASOS with a green, black and white striped body-con skirt that I got from Kmart last year. The last I wore this skirt, I didn't really like it, cause I was a little heavier... But since then I've lost quite a bit of weight by working out consistently with Tiffany Rothes workouts on youtube, and being smart about my eating. And I really have seen the difference, especially in my waist!! To date, I've lost 4 inches off my waist, and gone done a dress size, so I've so happy!!! And as a result, I have a whole new love for this skirt, as it hugs my  curves just right!! For my accessories, I just added a statement necklace from Equip, and wore my new black pointed pumps, with the gold trimming from NOVO. I decided on my small ankara clutch that I got on my last trip to Ghana, and I had to rock these new cat-eye sunglasses from ASOS to add a bit of edginess to the look! We are still in winter, but the sun was shining beautifully on the day as you will see :-)

Crop Top: ASOS
Bodycon Skirt: Kmart
Shoes: NOVO
Necklace: Equip
Bracelet: HTW Ghana
Rings: Ebay
Ankara Clutch: Ghana
Watch: DKNY
Cateye Sunglasses: ASOS

Let me know what you think of the new look...and thanks again for stopping by! x

The Dure Collection Fall/Winter 2013 by Christie Brown

Ever since I discovered Ghanaian designer Christie Brown, she has been a favourite of mine! Her luxury, high end designs has certainly put Ghana on the map in the world of African fashion. Her use of prints, textures, the silhouettes and structures of her designs are always eye catching, and the new Fall/Winter 2013 Dure Collection is no exception! With this collection, her use of color, print, texture and fabrics exudes elegance and sophistication. She is no doubt one of Ghana's best designers!
This top and necklace...Love!!!

Love the structure of this!
I see this dress in white, as an option for my wedding reception! 

I love the Grecian feel of this dress!! Its simply Stunning!!

Which one is your favourite?