Monday, 29 October 2012

Green & Orange Combination with Gold Accents

Do ever have those days where you can't find anything in your closet to wear??? Well today was that day for me!! I literally went through my entire wardrobe and created such a huge mess in my room trying to find something to wear!! Literally, everything I put on, I wasn't feeling. But eventually, I decided on this green and black striped skater dress which I purchased early on in the year, and I wore to the Ghana Independence Ball back in March. I hadn't worn it since then, so I decided today would be the day I did. The last time I wore it, I accessorised with ankara bangles and beaded bracelets from Ghana, and my Kente clutch. This time though I decided to pair it up with bold, gold accessories (which I purchased on ebay), and my orange and gold stiletto pointy shoes and I absolutely loved the final look!!

Sunday, 21 October 2012

Green & Black Ensemble

This cute green, white and black striped midi skirt was a recent buy from would you believe Kmart?? I got it for only $15 and I think for the price and the style, it was a bargain!!

Friday, 19 October 2012

Color, color, and more color!!

I've had this dress for over a year now and I've only worn it once, when my younger brother got baptised last year (which you can see it in a previous post). So last weekend I decided to pull it out  again for church and inject new life into it, by adding colorful statement pieces!! It really was an overload of color, but it totally worked!!!

You won't guess how much I got this necklace for?!?!? $4.95!!!!! YES!!!!! That's why I love me some ebay!!!

How awesome are these shoes!!!

Tuesday, 16 October 2012

My Love of Peplum...

So two weekends ago, I wore the multi-colored peplum top (shown in the previous post) to church, and can I say... it was has become one of my favourite outfits!! The look was very simple with a basic black skirt, but I love the pops of color I injected with my lime green wedges, my ankara bangles and chanel inspired quilt bag!! 

The Peplum Trend

I for one don't necessarily stick with all the different fashion trends, because I feel just because everyone is wearing it, doesn't necessarily mean it'll work for my body type...but I'm loving the whole peplum trend that is going on right now!! I love that the peplum look, accentuates my best parts and hides any imperfections without much effort! And it works on every body type!!
I went to one of my favourite stores (Oz Jeans), a few weeks ago and came across a few peplum tops that I couldn't leave without! Up until this time, I didn't own many because I hadn't seen anything in particular that caught my attention... but these ones right here...YESS!!! Which one is your favourite?

Just quickly, this is what i wore shopping on the day... I don't wear jeans often but i decided to throw a pair on, with a colorful, striped tank top and my Steve Madden flats (from over 5 years ago...). To add bit of chic-ness to the outfit I carried this stunning turquoise Birkin inspired bag which I purchased on ebay! To see more of my addiction (lol), and amazing buys from ebay, check out my youtube channel :-)

Style it --Day to Night--

Now with this "Style File," I decided to style this gorgeous coral colored assymetrical chiffon shirt from day to night. I purchased the shirt towards the beginning of the year from Supre and I'm in love with the color!!



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