Tuesday, 17 May 2011

The highlight of my weekend...

This past weekend, I watched and  listened to my Primary Choir perform "Ade a Yesu Ay3 Ama Me" (What Jesus Has Done for Me) at our schools 45th Year Reunion Weekend.

As I sat playing the piano while they sang, I was filled with so much joy and pride, because it had only taken two rehearsals for my them to learn the song...and they had it down pat by the third!!! Also, this was their first time being exposed to twi, yet they sang as if it was their native language and they had grown up singing this song in Ghana. This showed confidence way beyond their years!!

Everyone who heard them sing received such a blessing! Especially my parents, who travelled an hour and a half just to witness it... they were truly impressed!

I thank God for the opportunity to be a positive influence on young people and that I can bring awareness to my students about other cultures (such as my own), that they can pass on and share with others.

So well done again to the Brisbane Adventist College Primary Choir for such an amazing job and executing the words of this song so brilliantly!!

Check out the video :-)

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  1. And a job well done to you....i was really impressed when i saw the video!!! Ayeekoo :)