Friday, 6 May 2011

Love of the week...bright neon yellow nails!!

With Monday being Labour Day holiday this week, I decided to take some time out and give myself a manicure.  My colour of choice...bright neon yellow!! And I absolutely love it!! It stands out amazingly on brown skin!!

Keep in mind this color screams "look at me" so if you are going to wear it, make sure your nails are on point, because people will come in for a closer look, and will give you loads of, as i discovered this week at school from my students (especially the prep kids), and fellow teachers. Infact nearly all the teachers thought my nails were fake, or I had stick ons... Maybe because I have been growing out my nails and they have reached a nice/fake length...? lol, so they must have looked too good to be true :-)

Anyway, I purchased this colour a little while ago from ICE! Yes They were having a special, 3 for $6.00, so of course I got 6!! I'm not sure if the promotion is still going, if not, I believe the usual price is $5.95 each. Either way its worth having a look because they have an extensive range of colours!
This yellow in particular though, will make you fall in love with your hands all over again, and definately put a smile on your face, cause theres no way you be mad at this colour :-)

Unfortunately, my camera didn't enhance the color as it really is, but trust me this color is the business!

The polish is called 'Nury' and the colour is 'Neon Yellow'


  1. This colour is popping!!!What the colour for this week?

  2. The colour hasn't started chipping yet, so I may just keep it on for another week before I switch it up!! Even my mom loved it when I went to visit her yesterday :-)