Tuesday, 16 October 2012

The Peplum Trend

I for one don't necessarily stick with all the different fashion trends, because I feel just because everyone is wearing it, doesn't necessarily mean it'll work for my body type...but I'm loving the whole peplum trend that is going on right now!! I love that the peplum look, accentuates my best parts and hides any imperfections without much effort! And it works on every body type!!
I went to one of my favourite stores (Oz Jeans), a few weeks ago and came across a few peplum tops that I couldn't leave without! Up until this time, I didn't own many because I hadn't seen anything in particular that caught my attention... but these ones right here...YESS!!! Which one is your favourite?

Just quickly, this is what i wore shopping on the day... I don't wear jeans often but i decided to throw a pair on, with a colorful, striped tank top and my Steve Madden flats (from over 5 years ago...). To add bit of chic-ness to the outfit I carried this stunning turquoise Birkin inspired bag which I purchased on ebay! To see more of my addiction (lol), and amazing buys from ebay, check out my youtube channel :-)

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