Sunday, 21 October 2012

Green & Black Ensemble

This cute green, white and black striped midi skirt was a recent buy from would you believe Kmart?? I got it for only $15 and I think for the price and the style, it was a bargain!!


  1. U look REALLY nice! Ur makeup is on point- U look v pretty- ur hair lips an eyes r stunning! The skirt looks great on u too- u have great shape! ;)

  2. Those hips be like 💥💥💥. I love everything you wear. I have got to get me some Ankara too! Can you post pics or a vlog of Australia? I would have never thought the fashion is so nice there. I'm curious what life is like living there. Thanks!

    1. Thank you! The fashion here is not the best, but I love fashion, so I try to stay on top of it :-)