Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Where Have You Been All My Life ASOS?!?!

I recently was on asos.com just checking out their site (which I had never done before... where have I been?!?!...lol), and came across these 2 lovelies :-) I've been eyeing the clutch for a while now as I've seen it featured on some youtube channels and some of my favourite blogs. I wanted it in the green, but it had sold out :-( But I think in this case settling, for 2nd best wasn't bad at all!! I absolutely love it!! Both bags were 21 pounds which came to a total of about $63.00, which is far cheaper than how much it would cost here in the stores. These bags would easily cost between $50-$70 each here!! (I know, its an absolute joke how much we pay for stuff here in Australia!!!!) So online shopping it is for me from now on!! I'm addicted!! I've been ebaying like crazy and been saving so much money, but getting good quality products!!
Oh, and did I mention the shipping was free too!! And I got it within 5-8 days!! So you can say I'm a pretty satisfied customer :-) Anyway, here are the bags!!

Aren't the colors exquisite!!!


  1. GAHH!
    I totally wanted one of those envelope clutches
    but it sold out quick on ASOS
    I might just end up making one

    Great pieces you got
    *slightly envious*


  2. haha!! thanks :-) and yea, they were selling real quick!!