Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Bargain Buys!!

Here are some recently purchased items :-) I absolutely love everything I got!!!

I was indecisive about this bag, but when I saw the inside, that aminal print lining sold me!!

I got the first bag from $50 down to $15 and this one from $60 down to $20!! So two for $35!! Now who wouldn't want that?!?!
I'm loving satchel bags lately!! Love the antique type look of this one!! And it feels so soft...

These 2 belts were $6.95 each :-)
Isn't this the cutest little buckle :-)
Can we say major color blocking outfit coming up?!?! This was only $10!!

These shoes were down from $90 to $20!!! And they fit perfectly!!

Now go and get some bargains of your own!!!!!!! x


  1. Love the bags, told you, you can soo find some gems at "Katies" and the wedges are hot

  2. I know!! I'm definately gonna be checkin there out more often :-) Thanks. x