Monday, 18 July 2011

Update on Exercise Regimen...

Hey Everybody,

I just wanted to bring you an update on my exercise regimen that I started last week. So, it's been a little over a week and I've already lost 2.5kgs!! I'm so happy!!! I feel good, and I can actually see my body getting smaller in certain areas, especially around my stomach :-)

I've been keeping up with my 50 minute walks 2 days a week, and my 15 minutes skipping sessions 3 mornings a weeks. On-top of that, I'm still doing weights, sit-ups and leg squats every morning. 
Most importantly though, I've maintained my smaller portion sizes (especially carbs, and less of it), I've increased my intake of vegies, (especially salad, with 3/4 of what's on my plate being salad), and I'm not eating late, (7pm is my cut off point).
 If I get hungry after 7pm, (which I do sometimes,) I eat an apple and drink plenty of water and it does the trick :-) The best thing though is I'm still eating the foods that I enjoy, but just eating less of it, and as a result of eating less, my stomach has shrunk and I don't need to eat as much to get full!!

So what I've learned this past week, is alot of this weight loss stuff is all about attitude and mindset (Dah!!) lol. For example, you have to make yourself full of one serving, (as long as you eat a little you won't, and to slow down and take time to enjoy the food you are eating!!!

By the way, I ended up cancelling my gym membership last Thursday!! When I went there, a new manager was there, and she tried to convince me to keep it. I told her confidently though, that I had my own exercise regimen going on at home and I'd seen results already, so she couldn't argue with that!!

Here is a pic of what I'm looking like after a week. 

No major changes yet, but little victories are being won each day, so I'm looking forward to continuing on this journey... 
Anyway, I hope you are encouraged to go and get fit and healthy for yourself, cause trust me, if I can do it, you can do it too!!!


  1. Ive resumed my healthy eating and workout as well . Im doing a lot more skipping, situps,squats, because my treadmill is down at the moment. Hopefully ill be able to get it fixed.awesome post.By the way you should think about registering for Bridge to Brisbane with Moi -Deo

  2. Good on you!! I'll have to think about the Bridge to Brisbane :-)