Monday, 11 July 2011

My New Exercise Regimen...Trying to Get Fit and Healthy!

I know its been a minute since I last posted so my apologies. I guess I haven't had anything interesting to blog about and I didn't want to post just for the sake of posting something. I wanted to make sure it worth reading and worth your time. You feel me? lol

Anyway, recently the topic that resurfaces a few times a year for me resurfaced again.... What was it? Drum roll........ that I need to go on a diet and lose weight....
In our never ending quest to be healthy and stay looking fly, I'm sure you've all had this conversation too with either your friends or family members at some point during the year.

The reason for me starting the dialogue this time though was due to the fact that I have been on school holidays for the last 2 weeks, and my mom came to stay with me and my brother for a week. As always when she comes over, she cooks and brings so yummy food with her!! I indulged and ate to my hearts content, of which I'm paying for it now :-(

The Conversation
So I had the conversation last Thursday with my brother as we were on our way to Pizza Hut to pick up a lunch order for my brothers and I. (I know... don't judge With him being a P.E teacher, he knows the science behind the body, weight loss, the ratio of exercising to eating, what to eat, what not to eat, what to avoid, and the many things one needs to consider when embarking on a weight loss journey. After having the conversation with him, and also getting lots of encouragement from my mom (who is the weight loss queen), I was motivated to begin the following morning.

The Plan
What was my plan of attack? Well I've had a gym membership since 2009 and since I joined I've been pretty committed to going at least 3-5 times a week. Obviously when I first started, I was doing my hour a day, Monday-Friday. As time went on though, I started slacking and dropped it down to 2-3 times a week (as you, but hey, I was still going!. Then before I went to Ghana last Christmas, I increased my number of days again, in order to shape up for my holiday. Since I got back from Ghana though, I've only been to the gym once... I know...terrible...(yet my account is still being debited every fortnight...). I kept telling myself I would start getting back into it soon, but of course I didn't. So I went to the gym a few months ago determined to cancel my membership! Somehow though, the owner convinced me to keep it! He said things like: "You are only paying 20.00 a fortnight and that's a great price for a 24 hour gym!"; "You may decide you want to start going again just after you cancel and if you want to sign up again later, it will cost alot more to rejoin" (because i joined up when they first opened and they had a special price offer). Yeah, he sold me on keeping my membership, and course I haven't been back since...smh
To cancel or not cancel...that is the question now! But I will come back to that one

Going back to the conversation with my brother, he said to me, "Love, just start walking again!" That's what I did before I ever joined a gym. I would simply go on a 30 minute walk each morning followed by weights, squats, and situps, combined with minimal eating. I lost 14kg doing it this way!

Day 2: The Decision
So that's exactly what I did the following morning! I got up at 7.30am and did a huge loop around my block. It only took me 50 minutes, but it was probably the longest 50 minutes I've walked in a long Along they way, there were sections of the journey (especially towards the end), that had gradual inclines that never seemed to end! This section was intense! Although my legs and butt got a serious workout, they were throbbing, and I just wanted it to be over! Eventually it did, and it was worth all the pain. At this stage, nothing was going to discourage me from my mission!! This is where Beyonce's "Run the World" served a very good purpose. The beat was awesome for keeping a good steady pace, and the snare drums had me almost On top of that, I was doing my subtle dance moves as I was walking which helped pass the time. Also Bey's "Move Your Body" was great too! The dance instructions kept me occupied!
When I got home, I did a combination of exercises with weights, that worked my biceps and triceps; I did leg squats that worked my bottom, thighs, and legs; and I finished off with a variation of sit-ups that worked my abs. When i finished all of this, I felt great!!

Day 3: The Aftermath
I woke up on Saturday morning with my body feeling like lead!! I couldn't move and every muscle in my body was aching!!!! I had indescribable pain in areas that I didn't even know muscles existed!! My body had been smashed!! After arguing in my mind, trying to decided whether or not to get up and go for my walk, I decided to do it. I knew I had to push through the pain, even though I was so sore. My body had to get used to this new routine. So I got up and did it all over again! This time the walk didn't seem as long and I had the amazing voices of the "Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir" keeping me company. I used the time as my morning worship and devotion with God, praising His name as I walked. And as you can imagine, time was nothing but a thing!

Day 4: The Recovery
On Sunday, I rested!!!! My body was still very sore, and I was tired!!

Day 5: The Alternative
Today, I had an early start for work, therefore time was not on my side. I decided to go online and google 'jumping rope' and after clicking on the first link and reading its contents, I discovered that jumping rope was a great high intensity workout. I got up and did 15 minutes, with short breaks in between and worked up a really good sweat! I followed it with my arms, legs and ab exercises and I was good to go! As a result of this, I've decided that on the days I can't go for my walk, I will jump rope instead! 

So on top of all this exercsie, I've cut my portions sizes, I'm eating more salads, fruits and vegetables, and not eating after 7pm. I will keep you updated and let you know how I go sticking to my plan and whether I start dropping some kilos :-)

Now, the reason I wanted to share this with you is because I know I'm not alone with this. I know there are many of us who struggle constantly with gaining weight, losing weight, and maintaining our weight. But all it takes is for you to make the decision, workout a plan to make some changes, and then do it! If you fall off your plan at anytime, don't stress, just remember tomorrow is a new day with an opportunity to make a fresh start and make good healthy eating and exercise choices. If I can do me, you can too!!! :-)))

At my skinniest...size 8...after losing 14kg! And it all started because I was so frustrated that when I went shopping, I could never fit into in any of the jeans!!! lol
Slim face...
Everything is thicker now as you can
Fuller face...
Ideally I want to be somewhere between these 2 pictures...

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