Tuesday, 12 July 2011


Here are some clothes and accessories I've purchased in the last couple of weeks... (sorry about the camera quality, will have to work on that).

Shades from Ally - $12.99

Shades from Crazy Clarks - $7.99
Rings from Diva - $3.00 (left); Temt - $6.99 (middle); Diva - $5.00 (right)

Bag from SES - $29.99

Bag from Little JC - $59.99

Shoes from Famous Footwear - $29.99

Shirt from Oz Jeans - part of a 2 for $15.00
Dress from Oz Jeans - $15.00

Dress and Jumpsuit from Oz Jeans - 2 for $25.00
I absolutely love Oz Jeans!! I visit there regularly and always find great items that are inexpensive!! And Little JC has some great on trend pieces that won't put a hole in your pocket!! Both of these stores can be found at Stones Corner!!!


  1. loving the white top, and i remember the black back from SES

  2. Yea, the white top is cute. My mom picked it out for me :-) And I've gotten so many compliments about the black bag...people can't believe that I got it from SES...!! Definately a steal!!