Friday, 29 April 2011

The Prestige Classic Khol Liner

Before I started educating myself on make-up application, I remember thinking my complexion was the reason why I failed miserably whenever I attempted to apply bold, bright eyeshadows. I'd even settled with the fact that I'd only be able to ever wear neutral shimmery shadows, and that I could kiss colour goodbye... Fast foward a few years and thank you YOUTUBE and my favourite make-up ladies for adding to the already many 'aha' moments in my life!!

So recently I came across the Prestige Classic Khol Liner in White [E30]. It is a matte eye liner but actually works great as primer, or a base for your eye shadows.

 What I love about this product is it has a really nice creamy like texture, making it glide really smoothly and easily over your lids, without feeling like your going to puncture your Sometimes I shade my entire lid (to crease), other times I just apply a few strokes across my lids and use my finger to smear it evenly. The more I shade, the more vibrant the colour!!
I purchased it for around $10.00 at Priceline!! Thats right!! Very inexpensive yet very effective!!! So if you love using colour on your eyes like I do, this will really work in not just making the colour(s) pop, but also help your eyeshadow hold for the whole day, so you don't end up looking like you got beat up by the Check it out and let me know what you think?!?!

Tell me this colour ain't


  1. The colour is Popping gal!!
    Not sure if im bold enough to attempt that colour though. Looks great on you !

  2. Thanks Deo!! You never know though... one day u might just decide u wanna try :-)