Tuesday, 3 September 2013


Those of you who are subscribed to my Youtube channel will know that I often upload haul videos showing my purchases, whether online or in-store. When I first started blogging I was posting my new buys here on the blog, but now I find that I'd rather just upload a video showing what I got. 
But this time round, I decided take some pictures of some new shoes I recently purchased from www.gojane.com and also Kmart. 
If you live in Australia, don't sleep on Kmart, because I always find the best shoes at the most AMAZING prices there!! Alot of my subscribers from my Youtube channel who are mainly based on the other side of the world, often have to confirm whether I got certain items from Kmart, because they just can't believe it!! LOL

So I picked up just a few pairs of ankle strap sandal... lol. I was actually really late with getting on board with this now popular shoe trend, because I have never really been a fan of ankle strap shoes on me. This is because I think my ankles are more on the thicker side, so I thought, they looked funny on me... Also I am short and I always remember hearing that you don't want to wear shoes that cut you off at the ankle, but that will elongate your legs, and I wanted to make my legs looks as long as they possibly could! *sigh* 

Luckily I found these pairs that actually flatter my feet and my ankles...

All of these shoes are a size 8.5, but they all fit differently
I absolutely adore these wedges! I love the gold accents on the heel and platform. Also they are super comfortable! 
These sandals here are a great alternative to the popular Zara ones! Unfortunately when I tried them on though, I found that they were a tad bit too big, and there was a significant gap where my heel was... I didn't want to return them (because shipping is a joke from Australia), so I had to add some heel grips and also gel pads to help lift my feet up and push it back a bit to get rid of some of that space at the back. It didn't solve the problem 100%, so I will most likely just wear these shoes with pants and jeans, rather than skirts. So whatever size you are, i would go a half size down... But they are quite comfortable!
This pair is also a great alternative to the Zara ones that became very popular! For me, it is definitely a statement shoe, with the gold heel detail! I found this pair to fit perfectly, but the part that goes across the toes is quite firm. So if you have wide feet, I wouldn't recommend them, as it may be uncomfortable. But these shoes are just sexy on the feet!
All of these shoes are a size 8 and fit perfectly!
These shoes are a nice twist on the basic pump. The thick ankle strap detail is quite flattering, and is also velcro, so I can make it as loose as I want, which I need!
I love, love, love these sandals right here! I love the pewter coloured chunky heels! And, they are very comfortable, because they are not too high. Once again, the ankle strap is velcro.
Lastly from Kmart, I got 2 pairs of sneaker wedges! Finally! I initially just got the black pair, but my fiance said they were so cute that I should get the beige pair as well, so I did! As you can imagine, they are very comfortable!!

Hope ya'll got some ideas from my little haul!

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  1. OMG...
    I envy you!These shoes are gorgeous!
    I follow your blog now.I like your sense of style.

    1. Thank you! And thanks so much for following :-)