Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Words of encouragement...

Trials have presented themselves over the last few weeks and I've been earnestly praying, holding onto and claiming the promises that God has offered all of us.

Today I came across this really encouraging article by singing duo Mary Mary, on essence.com.
The words in this article spoke to me this morning and encouraged me to keep pushing forward with faith, that with God ALL things are possible. Here is a small excerpt...

Is life throwing or burying you with "dirt"? Gain the right perspective. Don't despise the dirt; fertilize it with complete surrender and reliance on God. Lean on Him for peace in the midst of whatever you are facing. Focus on the garden that God is nurturing as you struggle and remember we all need a little "dirt" to grow!

When life deals you a difficult situation, ask God to use it to help you grow, then be patient, as He makes something beautiful from your "dirt."

To read the entire article, click this link.


  1. wow just stumbled on your blog and this reading is definately encouraging

  2. Thanks :-) I'm glad you were encouraged!